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Company Overview

Over the last decades, Ideal Diamond Products Pvt. Ltd. has evolved its technical capability and manufacturing capacity to offer drill bits measuring of international standards and specifications. Our technical experts regularly visit the exploration sites to observe the drilling and strata conditions. The data collected is later analyzed, allowing us to supply the best suitable bits at the best possible price. We believe in giving our clients VALUE FOR MONEY.

For over a decade, Ideal Diamond Products Pvt. Ltd. has been recognized as a leader in the diamond core industry. The knowledge, experience, skills and resources of our team have taken us from a Small Business Unit to an Industry Leader. Our factory is equipped to manufacture drill bits which are capable of drilling in wide range of mining operations like the copper belt in Khetri or Malanjkhand, iron belt in Kudremukh to the gold bearing area in Kolar. Ideal Diamond Products Pvt. Ltd. drill bits have successfully drilled into the abrasive conditions in coal in the Jharia coalfields, Raniganj coalfields. In addition to this our bits are used in far flung mines like in Zambia in Africa.

We manufacture diamond core bits of wide encompassing range for deep hole operation, mineral exploration, coal exploration, site investigation and civil engineering works.

Our product range also includes impregnated bits where high quality diamonds are evenly mixed with the matrix powder giving a high penetration rate and a longer bit life. With various sizes and crown profiles the range of drill bits manufactured by the Ideal Diamond Products Pvt. Ltd. will cut through virtually all rock types in a cost effective manner in minimal time thereby reducing machine downtime.

Work Ethics

We have a strong work ethic, and it shows in many ways. While the company is family-held, there are no armchair bosses. Quality arises out of commitment. Commitment that does not look at the clock nor needs a watchdog. It's an attitude that means pushing yourself to the outer limits on every single parameter; it means deadlines are deadlines and there is room for flexibility. We are consciously aware of our responsibilities as a manufacturer; we are aware that our products are critical to the manufacturing processes of other industries; we are aware that even a small delay on our part could bring to a grinding halt, the production process of our customer.