Our Product Range for Diamond Bits include:

1.Bevel Wall Diamond Core Bits
2.Straight Wall Diamond Core Bits, Bottom Discharge Core Bits, Non-Core Bits, Reamer Shells, Casing Bits, Casing Shoe Bits, Multi Step type Core Bits, Wireline Core Bits, Wireline Reamer Shells and Thin Wall Core Bits.

Specifications & Standards:

IDP Bits are manufactured to conform to DCDMA, British and Swedish Standards. The bits are manufactured with varying matrices between 25RC to 48 C to suit different rock formations. The reamer shells are manufactured with hardness between 40 to 48 RC. Bits and Reamer Shells with Hardness 96 to 99 RC could also be manufactured against specific orders.

The Pattern for setting the diamonds are made precisely and diamonds are set perfectly to ensure best performance of the bits. The protrusion of the diamonds is based on the quality of the diamonds used and the size of the diamonds set on the bit. Waterways to suit the drilling conditions in the field are provided based on customer’s requirements. We do advise minimum number of waterways to make the bit sturdier. Tungsten Carbide insert can be set in the waterways if necessary.

Bit Profiles:

The Bits can be supplied with full crown, flat crown, and semi round crown and semi flat profiles. Stepped crown bits can also be supplied on request.

Quality Control:

Diamonds of different qualities are used for different applications depending upon site conditions. Natural, processed and synthetic diamonds are used in the manufacture of bits. Designs with proven field performance are adapted for setting of the bits. Records are available for each of the bits manufactured at IDP for back reference when found necessary. Rigid quality checks and proper record of every stage of manufacturing enables back reference whenever necessary.

Customer Service:

Customer Service is a part of our business. We concentrate on various utility aspects of our products with a view to the customer's requirements. R & D, Sales & After Sales Service.. everything is with the core customer in mind. Time & Quality are undisputed.